How-To: Make a Canvas June 29, 2015 17:00


"How-To" sections always remind me of Kate Hudson in 'How To: Lose A Guy In Ten Days' because she wrote 'how-to's' for a magazine company. . . yeah, so tangent.  

I love making my own canvases, they're a lot of work, but its also very satisfying to finish the whole process; to go from it being pieces of wood and canvas to a painting canvas. Not to mention, it feels very badass to be able to say, "Yeah, I made it myself."

Start with the canvas laid out on a clean floor (you don't want dirt or stains getting on the unprimed canvas). Then lay the frame on top of the canvas. Make sure you cut it so that they're is enough of the canvas to pull over the sides (be generous, don't under cut - I've under cut before and its such a sad waste of canvas). 

What you'll need: hammer, brads, frame stretcher, massive stapler, and lots of staples. 


Make the first staple in the center of each side of the panels (like above, but on all sides). 

Bam, bam, bam. . . 30 minutes later you'll have all the sides stapled and stretched. Use the metal canvas stretcher to help you pull the canvas tighter so that it sounds like a drum by the end. You want it tight! 


Corners, they're difficult. Make sure they all match and that the seam faces the same way. 


Step One: Straighten. . . 

Step 2: You might have to cut some of the canvas so it doesn't bulge (otherwise you'll have it bouncing awkwardly off the walls when you finally finish it). 

Step Three: Like my nail polish? ;) haha ok, so fold the corner over like so. Then grab your stapler and get ready to punch some staples into it. 

Awesome, right?! Your hands will probably hurt by now. Unless you're a guy and have strong hands. Girls, your hands will be tired from punching in that industrial stapler. 

Check out your tucked corners. They should look something like this. 

 Corners: check, staples hammered (hammer them again after you staple them so that they don't scratch your clients walls), and you might want to trim the excess canvas so it looks even around the whole canvas. Be sure NOT to accidentally cut the nice tight canvas that you just spent 30mins making. I've almost cut the main canvas accidentally. 

Done!!!! 36"x36" Now wash your hands and pour yourself some champagne. Bravo. 

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