Candle Making Class at Candlefish Downtown Charleston June 9, 2015 21:05

Sunday evening was the perfect night to do a low-key girls night at Candlefish which is a darling little (but not really little) candle shops right off of King Street, on Wentworth.  It is owned by the company Rewined Candles  which repurposes wine bottles and makes candles right here in Charleston. Super cool, right? 


Here are a few pics of the candle making  process. You can sign up for a class and pick up the two candles that you'll make the day after. And the classes are BYOB which is basically always a good idea. 




First you choose an oil for the fragrance. 

Kimberly pours the soy wax into the bucket. 


Measuring it out! 


Whisk! Whisk! Like baking but not. 



The final product. Ta da! =)