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Commissions April 28, 2016 09:00

Email us at to get started 

We will then send you a questionnaire to begin with.

Painting Timeline: Depending on other projects going on painting creation can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks. Please let me know if you are working on a deadline. 

Payment: We will email you an invoice that you can pay online via Paypal or credit card! The first 50% deposit will be due upon agreement and non-refundable (but you can use it on other paintings if for some reason the final painting falls outside the lines we talked about), and final 50% payment will be due after approval (like when we send you the final painting picture), before before delivery.

Shipping:  You are welcome to pick up the painting if you are local or will be in town and want to save on shipping. Otherwise standard shipping rates apply. 


Below are some examples of commissions: 


Charleston Symphony Home Tour




I can also do inspired pieces that are outside my normal zone as shown below: Commissioned painting for the Belk catalogue photoshoot.


Morgan Cole x Lululemon April 27, 2016 19:30

It’s that time of year again when it starts to get warm and Charleston is flooded with so many exciting events.The bridge run is almost a tradition in Charleston signaling Spring has officially begun. In order to celebrate this fun event I have partnered up again with LuluLemon! Stop by and see some of my bridge paintings. 



Charleston Symphony Home April 27, 2016 12:07

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra has put on another darling showhouse in order to raise money for the Orchestra and I am more than thrilled to get to be a part of it. The showhouse is being held in the James Sanders House, a gorgeous three story home built circa 1851. This prestigious home has the perfect garden and it is an amazing platform for my work as well as the other talented designers to be shown on. The showhouse lasts until April 17th come by and enjoy treats in the cafe and shop in the cute boutique or even choose from pieces showcased in the home.


Address: 156 Wentworth St, Charleston SC 29403

Books I'm Loving! February 24, 2016 07:30

Hey there! Miranda here again!

There's no better way to spend a cold rainy weekend than to curl up with a good book. If you're like me, and you loved Gone Girl, you will devour The Girl on The Train. I am only a couple of chapters deep and I am already hooked!

The book tells the story of a woman named Rachel that takes the same commuter train every morning.  The stops along the way allow her to peer into the life of the same couple enjoying breakfast on their deck each morning. It is the life she always imagined for herself.  Then one day she sees something shocking enough to make her want to pry further and take this information to the police. I can tell there is going to be many twists and turns in the plot and can't wait to find out more. 


Sally King Benedict x Marsyia Reeves February 22, 2016 07:00

If you are not familiar with stunning BFFs Marysia Reeves and Sally King Benedict then heres some quick info. Marysia Reeves is the brains behind the beautiful and wildly popular brand Marysia Swim. Reeves and her best friend artist Sally King Benedict collaborated to create an amazing swim line that  I'm absolutely loving.The look is simple, effortless and chic, a style that screams, "take me to the beach!" With scalloped edges and pretty brushstrokes I can’t wait to rock one of these pieces on the beach this summer. Take a look below and check out her website too!

Blogs I'm Loving : WeWoreWhat February 20, 2016 11:30

Danielle Bernstein native New Yorker managed to take her unique style and turn it into a statement that has garnered millions of social media followers. Her blog ranges from detailing her coveted ensembles to interior design, menswear and lifestyle. Check out her blog WeWoreWhat for your daily dose of fashion and design inspiration. Definitely worth a follow. And can we talk about this shirt? I'm about to find someone to do a monogram @morgancoleart on the back. LOVE! What are some of your favorite blogs? Tell me in the comments. I always love finding new bloggers. 

Art/Work: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career February 19, 2016 16:32

Art/Work: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career is a great book that I have been into these past few weeks. Not only is it a comprehensive guide of what to do and what not to do in the art world but it also offers simplistic templates on how to effectively execute and build your business. I’m loving this book because even though it deals with the business aspect of the art world it's super easy to understand and extremely helpful. Check it out! 



Ro Sham Beaux February 11, 2016 18:30

One of the many reasons why Charleston is such an amazing city is because its wide range of stores from affordable to elegant. Ro Sham Beaux is an exceptional design store that specializes in traditional and bespoke lighting. They pride themselves on simplistic and sustainable elegance with beautiful synchronicity of east coast/ west coast vibes. They have recently moved their location from Broad Street to Upper King. Check them out at their new location on February 12th for incredible light fixtures, paintings and fun accessories.

493 King Street, Charleston SC 29403 


Charleston Eats: Xiao Bao Biscuit February 5, 2016 16:30

With an endless list of restaurants sometimes it's hard to decide on a restaurant to choose in Charleston.  Xiao Bao Biscuit is a restaurant tucked away in the heart of the city, away from the mass tourists and crowded streets. With a unique exterior and equally as impressive interior that was converted from an old gas station, it packs in the locals of the city. The food is an eclectic asian fusion and its amazing. My favorite has to be their cabbage pancake. So if you're looking for something different definitely stop by.

Address: 224 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29401

Paris Fashion Week Palette Inspiration January 29, 2016 17:06

One of the most highly anticipated weeks of the year has arrived. Paris Fashion week denotes that time of the year where we begin looking forward to/anticipating the warm spring summer months. The Chanel fashion show designed by the talented Karl Lagerfeld gave some major ultra-chic vibes and some great color palette inspiration too. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the runway.



Moon Taxi January 29, 2016 16:11

Hey Miranda here! I'm always on the lookout for cool new bands to start following. This past week Moon Taxi an American indie band based out of Nashville Tennessee came to the local Music Farm in downtown Charleston. I have heard nothing but great things so I decided to buy a ticket and head to the show with some friends. They turned out to be absolutely amazing and extremely talented. Highly suggest you check them out! 


Charleston City Paper Article - Morgan Cole December 14, 2015 16:41

So thankful for the opportunity to be interviewed by Connolly of the Charleston City Paper for a full-article about my art endeavors.  You can read the full article here



Who to: READ July 7, 2015 16:50

Here are some of the books that I recently finished reading. 

Gary Vaynerchuk He is basically my favorite and I might have a (small) crush on him. You can follow him on Instagram if you want to smile in public when reading his Insta posts.  His advice is super straight to the point and he is super passionate.

I've read two of his three books, 'Crush It' and 'Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.' Oh and don't forget to sign up for his FREE podcasts on iTunes. They are the best.


Austin Kleon is the author of 'Show Your Work' which is a super fast read and has very visually stimulation pictures which I loved. He also wrote the book 'Steal Like an Artist' which was pretty great too. 


Another book that I read every year is 'Blue Ocean Strategy' definitely check it out.  And read this review by the Harvard Business Review too.  At times its a bit hard to follow, but the point they make of creating a strategy which will put you in your own blue ocean makes sense. 

What are some of your favorite business books? 

Let me know by dropping me a line at




How-To: Make a Canvas June 29, 2015 17:00


"How-To" sections always remind me of Kate Hudson in 'How To: Lose A Guy In Ten Days' because she wrote 'how-to's' for a magazine company. . . yeah, so tangent.  

I love making my own canvases, they're a lot of work, but its also very satisfying to finish the whole process; to go from it being pieces of wood and canvas to a painting canvas. Not to mention, it feels very badass to be able to say, "Yeah, I made it myself."

Start with the canvas laid out on a clean floor (you don't want dirt or stains getting on the unprimed canvas). Then lay the frame on top of the canvas. Make sure you cut it so that they're is enough of the canvas to pull over the sides (be generous, don't under cut - I've under cut before and its such a sad waste of canvas). 

What you'll need: hammer, brads, frame stretcher, massive stapler, and lots of staples. 


Make the first staple in the center of each side of the panels (like above, but on all sides). 

Bam, bam, bam. . . 30 minutes later you'll have all the sides stapled and stretched. Use the metal canvas stretcher to help you pull the canvas tighter so that it sounds like a drum by the end. You want it tight! 


Corners, they're difficult. Make sure they all match and that the seam faces the same way. 


Step One: Straighten. . . 

Step 2: You might have to cut some of the canvas so it doesn't bulge (otherwise you'll have it bouncing awkwardly off the walls when you finally finish it). 

Step Three: Like my nail polish? ;) haha ok, so fold the corner over like so. Then grab your stapler and get ready to punch some staples into it. 

Awesome, right?! Your hands will probably hurt by now. Unless you're a guy and have strong hands. Girls, your hands will be tired from punching in that industrial stapler. 

Check out your tucked corners. They should look something like this. 

 Corners: check, staples hammered (hammer them again after you staple them so that they don't scratch your clients walls), and you might want to trim the excess canvas so it looks even around the whole canvas. Be sure NOT to accidentally cut the nice tight canvas that you just spent 30mins making. I've almost cut the main canvas accidentally. 

Done!!!! 36"x36" Now wash your hands and pour yourself some champagne. Bravo. 

Want to learn something else? Email me at with your questions. 



For my fellow Skimm'bassadors June 26, 2015 08:55

In light of everything going on here in Charleston, I was thinking of symbols that represent unity, and to me that's our American Flag. It has been cool to be apart of the community of Charleston during everything that's happened in the past week. I designed and painted over 50 new flags since last Wednesday. 

In honor and memory of the victims of the tragedy at Emanuel AME Church here in Charleston, please join me in supporting Mayor Riley's efforts to raise funds for the church, funeral services, counseling, and many other services by purchasing a painting. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Mother Emanuel Fund when you use the code: SKIMM10. That code will also get you 10% off your order.

Candle Making Class at Candlefish Downtown Charleston June 9, 2015 21:05

Sunday evening was the perfect night to do a low-key girls night at Candlefish which is a darling little (but not really little) candle shops right off of King Street, on Wentworth.  It is owned by the company Rewined Candles  which repurposes wine bottles and makes candles right here in Charleston. Super cool, right? 


Here are a few pics of the candle making  process. You can sign up for a class and pick up the two candles that you'll make the day after. And the classes are BYOB which is basically always a good idea. 




First you choose an oil for the fragrance. 

Kimberly pours the soy wax into the bucket. 


Measuring it out! 


Whisk! Whisk! Like baking but not. 



The final product. Ta da! =) 

Low Country Landscapes May 19, 2015 14:53

Oil on canvas 16"x20" 


Oil on canvas 6"x6" 


Oil on canvas 6"x6"

Art Show at Costa + Williams May 21st! May 14, 2015 18:48

#GIRLBOSS May 3, 2015 14:53

I just finished reading the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso and it was super empowering.  She was clear and straight to the point in each chapter.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book. 






What I'm listening to in Studio 7 April 28, 2015 10:52

So lately I've had Coldplay's latest album, Ghost Stories, on repeat in my studio.  The songs are dreamy and just look at the cover album - its so ethereal! I think its why I've been drawn to painting in blue washy-tones and sort of mimic waterfalls and other local low country bodies of water.  My favs are 'Always In My Head' and 'True Love'. 

Wanna swing by the studio and jam out with me? Send me a paper airplane ( and come on over! 




Earth Day Party at Celadon Home + Morgan Cole ART Launch! April 23, 2015 13:50

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Celadon Home for hosting such a fun party for Earth Day and for carrying my paintings! I'm thrilled to be in the store - go see my paintings and check out their curated home collection from around the world.




Officially in Celadon! 

The owner, Steve, buyers from India and Atlanta (respectively), and me! 


Little minis + not so mini paintings. 

Who doesn't love a giveaway?


My sister Kendall came by! 

Come to Celadon in Mt. Pleasant for Earth Day to celebrate the new paintings launch! April 22, 2015 10:40

I'll be at Celadon Home in Mt. Pleasant today from 2pm-6pm - swing by to check out my new paintings and have some fun! LowCountry Street Grocery, Blend Juice Barr, Rewind Candles, and yours truly will be there. And they'll have *free* local beer on tap! Cheers to that. 


Little Minis For Spring! April 14, 2015 15:46

I've started a mini series with bright, happy summer colors! Keep your eyes out for a giveaway on Instagram.  These two are headed for Celadon in Mt. Pleasant! 

Paintings coming to Celadon Home in Mt. Pleasant this summer! April 5, 2015 19:31

Grace and I after "the buy."

Follow me on Instagram to find out when the launch date will be! 

Celadon Home 


A Few of my Favorites from Furbish Studio - Free Shipping just in time for the Holidays! November 14, 2014 11:31


Check out Furbish Studio today for free shipping! I'm stocking up on Christmas and birthday gifts with that deal! 


Some items on my 'Dear Santa' list include. . . 


Kate Mullin's Zinnia Print its only $40,  (she's also a fellow Charleston artist and dear friend)!  Check out her personal website here

This awesome Adam meets Eve  Serpentine Tray  for a cool $58! 

(Ok, so its under the guys section, but I still think it has a cool, unexpected vibe to it, especially when found in a gal's apartment).


IF I had my ears pierced I'd totally take these awesome bug earrings, but I don't, so guess I'll have to wait for the necklaces and bracelets to come out! I went to Clemson University with Mariana (she's the awesome designer behind these little buggies).  You can follow her on Instagram @minixmari or see more of her collection at Croghan's Jewel Box which is pretty much the best jewelry store in Charleston.  It is right on King Street, which is the street to shop on! 



These watercolored pillows which are a steal at $55 a piece! Anything that just hints at art is on my 'must have' list!  And since they pretty much have all the colors of the rainbow in the color palette, it will go with everything!  


Rounding out my top five is their stationary section.  I couldn't pick just one, so I picked four.  Check out the rest of them here.  Who doesn't love getting mail? Especially around the holiday season! 



What are some of your favorites? 

Happy Friday!




Pinterest Studio Style Inspiration November 13, 2014 11:39

I always love pinning on Pinterest! It is so inspiring.  


Here are some of my dream studio offices and ideas for styling clothing that can go from the paint studio to drinks with girlfriends.  


Check out my 'Studio Style Board' and follow me to stay current on the latest!